Tip for Outlook: Politely reminder to add attachment to e-mail

I have found a good macro which will make sure that Outlook politely reminds you to attach a file if it finds the word "attach" or “annex” in your sending email and when no actual attached file has been added.

Steps to take to create this automated reminder:

  • ALT+F11
  • Click “Modules”
  • RM: Insert > Module
  • Open this new Module and copy/paste the code from below into this module
  • CTRL+S  (save this module)
  • Close the Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications screen.
  • Epic Win. Reminder will now pop up.

Private Sub Application_ItemSend(ByVal Item As Object, Cancel As Boolean)
Dim m As Variant
Dim strBody As String
Dim intIn As Long
Dim intAttachCount As Integer, intStandardAttachCount As Integer
On Error GoTo handleError
'Edit the following line if you have a signature on your email that includes images or other files. Make intStandardAttachCount equal the number of files in your signature.
intStandardAttachCount = 0
strBody = LCase(Item.Body)
intIn = InStr(1, strBody, "original message")
If intIn = 0 Then intIn = Len(strBody)
intIn = InStr(1, Left(strBody, intIn), "attach") + InStr(1, Left(strBody, intIn), "annex") + InStr(1, Left(strBody, intIn), "attachment") + InStr(1, Left(strBody, intIn), "bijgevoegd") + InStr(1, Left(strBody, intIn), "bijgaand") + InStr(1, Left(strBody, intIn), "bijgesloten") + InStr(1, Left(strBody, intIn), "toegevoegd") + InStr(1, Left(strBody, intIn), "bijlage")
intAttachCount = Item.Attachments.Count
If intIn > 0 And intAttachCount <= intStandardAttachCount Then
m = MsgBox("It appears that you mean to send an attachment," & vbCrLf & "but there is no attachment to this message." & vbCrLf & vbCrLf & "Do you still want to send?", vbQuestion + vbYesNo + vbMsgBoxSetForeground)
If m = vbNo Then Cancel = True
End If
If Err.Number <> 0 Then
MsgBox "Outlook Attachment Reminder Error: " & Err.Description, vbExclamation, "Outlook Attachment Reminder Error"
End If
End Sub

This info came from https://sites.google.com/site/markbird/ and here. I have altered the code from this source to do some additional text analysis. Special thanks to Chris G.

Gr, me!

Hoe computer zuiveren?

Heb je veel last van een langzaam computer systeem? Of hebben verschillende vrienden je al eens verteld dat je reclame doorstuurt? Het kan goed zijn dat je al een hele ruime tijd je computer gebruikt zonder (goede) virus- of spyware scanner. Hoe dan ook, er is altijd wel een rede om eens een flinke poetsbeurt te houden. Het kan best zijn dat je reclame – spyware – of andere schadelijke software op je computer hebt, zonder dat je het weet. Hier volgt een beschrijving hoe je dit met gratis (en legale!) software kan oplossen en natuurlijk beschermd blijven.
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Questions exam of Software Architecture 2011-2012

I have tried to remember all the questions of the exam Software Architecture of this academical year: 2011-2012. I think that I have missed just a few questions from the exam, but here is the list of what I still remember of all the questions:

  • Why to strive to low coupling and high cohesion?
  • Give one good and one bad example of both coupling and cohesion.
  • Give an example of 2 conflicting quality requirements.
  • Why is batch sequential a degenerated process of the pipe-and-filter process in the pipe-and-filter architectural pattern?
  • What is the role of middleware in Component Based Software Development?
  • How can the Interceptor Pattern bring Aspect Oriented Software Development style into middleware?
  • Give 2 examples of typical middleware functionalities that are elegant to handle in Aspect Oriented Software Development style.
  • What is the goal of “Commonality and Variability analysis” in the Software Product Line production? What is the role of a feature model needed in this analysis?
  • How could a “plugin architecture” be used in the Software Product Line production mechanism?
  • How could MDA style code generation be used in the Software Product Line production mechanism?
  • Give the definition of Coupling Between class Objects (CBO). What does it measure? How do you calculate it? Give an example.
  • Assume system A and system B. If average CBO of system A is the same as the average CBO of system B, does this mean that the quality is equal?

Note that these are the questions that I remember, but there are more questions. If you can remember more questions, just drop a comment and I’ll edit this post and add them to the list! :)


Zonnepanelen gekte

Ik heb zopas gemerkt dat er nogal tegengestelde reacties komen vanuit bedrijven omtrent subsidie op zonnepanelen. In Vlaanderen wilt de markt het liefst zoveel mogelijk subsidie hiervoor, dus zo min mogelijk afschaffen, zoals in dit artikel van De Redactie te lezen valt. En in Nederland vragen bedrijven juist of de subsidie terug afgeschaft kan worden, zoals je kan lezen in dit NOS-artikel. Dit vind ik grappig, het is nogal tegenstrijdend, niet? Niet dat de zon altijd zo super schijnt in de Benelux, maar goed…


Synchronizing your custom Word dictionary

Here is another good tip!

Synchronizing the Custom Word dictionary over different computers can be a mess! I am using different computers: A laptop for during my courses and another computer when I am at home. While using Microsoft Word, it can be annoying when you have to add words to your custom dictionary while you have already added them  on your other computer. This is why I am synchronizing the Custom Dictionary of Microsoft Word. This can be made possible with Cloud Storage like Dropbox! You can set it up easily by copying your custom dictionary to a folder within Dropbox and then changing the custom dictionary within Microsoft Word.

Do the following process if you have never done this before within Office 2010:
1. Click on the buttons "File" > "Options" > "Proofing" > "Custom Dictionaries..."
2. Copy the file path from the current Custom.DIC to your explorer en copy the Custom.DIC file from this location to your Dropbox folder
3. Go back to the Word Options and remove the current Custom.DIC file
4. Click on "new" and link to the Custom.DIC file from your Dropbox folder
5. Do this on all the computers you use

Of course you can also do this when you use another cloud storage solution, but Dropbox is still the best, fastest and easiest to use. It is also the most mature cloud storage solution on the market at this moment.

Custom Dictionary within Microsoft Word 2010

Have fun with this tip... Like it if you like it! :)
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